Manx Model Flyers was formed in 1968, as the Manx Model Aircraft and Boat Club.  During the 1970’s the club split into two separate clubs and the Manx Model Flyers was born.  We have grown in strength annually, flying mostly radio control, both power and glider.  The power side benefits from use of Jurby, a disused airfield, while the gliders have a huge choice of sites on the hills all over the Island.

The club logo shows a Latin motto, which means (more or less): ‘Whichever Way You Throw Me, I Fly’.


If you are a beginner we have instructors to provide basic flying instruction.  We use a dual control system, known as a buddy box, so that with the aid of a suitably qualified instructor you can start your flying training without too much risk to your model.



Please feel free to contact any committee member if you require help with any aspect of aero-modelling; we can put you in touch with another nearby member who can provide help with building or flying your model.


As a BMFA affiliated club we encourage our members to work towards gaining the BMFA achievement certificates.  These are achieved by passing a practical flying test under the supervision of one of our examiners; the ‘A’ certificate showing that you are competent to fly solo, and the ‘B’ certificate demonstrating basic aerobatic competence.