Our  scale competition was held on Saturday 10th August 2013.

All members were provided with a voting slip to select a model from each category that they think is the best subject. All models actually flown on the day had their points total doubled.

( This was to encourage active scale flying rather than just static display)  Helicopter flying of none scale models also continued in the designated helicopter area.

Three categories;


Winner     Paul Milhailovits wtith his Extra 300

Second     Kenny Kneen with his EDF Hawk

Third       Lyndsey Todd with his P47 Thunderbolt   (Jug)


Built from kit or plan

Winner    Dave Harris with his Shorts Skyvan

Second     Keith Shepherd with his Hurricane

Third        John Webb with a Bellanca Citabria and an PT19 American Airforce trainer ( Joint third with two models ! )



Winner      Jeff Plowman with his AH1 SuperCobra

Second      Tim Magee with his UH60 Hawk

Third          Sean Coppock with his Airwolf

All helicopter models featured Trex 500 based mechanics

Manx Model Meet 2012 was held on MONDAY 6th August to FRIDAY 17th August at Jurby Main Airfield on the Isle of Man.

The Static Scale Competition was held on Saturday the 11th August in the Marquee due to the extremely windy, gusty, weather.

The Winner of the A.R.T.F. CLASS was Kenny Kneen with his Tornado Swing Wing Model

The Winner of the Scratch Built Class was George Redford with his Consolidated PBY-6A Catalina

The Winner of the Helicopter Class was Jeff Plowman with his Align Trex 500 donor base fitted with an AH-1 cobra Attack Helicopter Fuselage bristling with Armaments

The Competition was Judged by Peter Maillard who gave an excellent, detailed and knowledgeable assessment of each model along with some excellent advice for each competitor.

The Club in greatly indebted to Peter for his diligent work and offer our Sincere Thanks.

The FLYING Scale competitions were cancelled due to the extremely windy weather.

Saturday Night there was our usual BBQ with Kippers using the gas BBQ lent to the club for the occasion by John Barber.


On Sunday the 12th August the Spot Landing and other Competitions have been cancelled due to weather.

A note on Fixed Wing Scale Competitions and how they are Judged from 2013 onwards:-

The Peveril Trophy is for Scratch Built Fixed Wing Models , The Peter Maillard Trophy is for the Best A.R.T.F.

The models are Judged on the Ground (The model must be capable of Flying i.e. fitted with Motive Power and working Controls)

The Model must have been built by a Past or Present Member of the Club.

The Winners Trophy must go to the original builder.

Points are awarded for :

1. Documentation (Pictures, Plans, Research Documentation ,Pictures, Special or Obscure Features of the Model ,etc.) Max 15 points

2. Authenticity of models to Documentation Max 15 Points

3. Amount of Building (See 1)

a) Scratch Built Max 30 Points

b) Kit Built Max 15 Points

4. Overall Standard of Finish Max 20 Points

5. Features

e.g. Navigation/Landing Lights , Retracts etc. Max 10 Points

6. Deductions for Missing Essential Features Max 10 Points

e.g. Flaps etc.

Maximum Total Points 90