We have two main power flying sites, plus many slopes all over the Island, so it is almost always possible to find a suitable soaring site for the wind direction.

Power Sites

Permission for the use of all the following sites has been granted to the club, therefore all persons using these sites must be either a club member or a visiting guest.

Jurby Airfield – at the North of the Island.

This facility is available most of the week but is shared with several other groups. Please check Andreas Racing Association and Conrod for details of motorsport events at the airfield. A link is provided in our links area of this website.

Jurby Airfield Extension

This area  is available for model flying only when the main airfield is being used by fixed wing aircraft.  ** At the Committee meeting on 19th August 2015 it was agreed to ‘trial’ the use of the extension for helicopter flying when ‘fixed wing’ flying is taking place on the main airfield.  This has been agreed in order to eliminate the occasional overflying of the helicopter flying area by the larger fixed wing aircraft and to allow our aspiring aerobatic helicopters to have more practice time for entry into various championships in England.**

Our thanks to  Mr. K. Kerruish who farms this area and who has granted his permission for it to be used by our club.

Douglas Rugby Club  ( Electric models only )

This is a shared site ( Fixed wing and helicopters ) so members must liase to make the best use and share the facility

Vehicles are to be parked in car park at rear of The Douglas Rugby Club and must NOT enter the field.

Be aware that other members of the public frequent this area.  Members are requested to ensure that they observe the country code and leave no litter and close all gates etc. Livestock may also be in the area. ( Sheep )

Slope Sites

We are fortunate in that we have access to several  very good slope soaring sites throughout the island. We would hope that anyone who wishes to fly slope soarers could meet with our members and discuss the best areas for the prevailing conditions.

We always encourage anyone wishing to take up this hobby to join a club, obtain third paty insurance and observe the guidelines provided by the B.M.F.A.

Please visit our two pages relating to slope soaring sites on the island for more information.