Our Club caters for a variety of radio controlled model flyers including gliding, I/C and electric fixed wing along with helicopter flying. 

At the Committee meeting on 19th August 2015 it was agreed to ‘trial’ the use of the extension for helicopter flying when ‘fixed wing’ flying is taking place on the main airfield.  This has been agreed in order to eliminate the occasional overflying of a separate helicopter flying area by the larger fixed wing aircraft and to allow our aspiring aerobatic helicopters to have more practice time for entry into various championships in England. 

The Committee ask for your full cooperation and consideration of others to implement the plan the committee have developed in the light of the risk assessment recently made.  The plan below shows the postions on the runways that members flying at the main airfield MUST adopt.


(The fact that there are no bookings for the airfield is NOT an indication that there is no one on the airfield.  Andreas Racing staff could very well be on the airfield for any one of many reasons to do with the running of the place).

In order to comply with our obligations under the Andreas Racing Association and Department of Infrastructure Agreement,  all Manx Model Flyers members must:-

  1. Ensure that the Airfield is secured against unauthorised entry both when we are flying and when we leave the field.
  2. On leaving the Airfield, ensure that the Manx Model Flyers combination lock is not preventing the opening of any gate(s) by A.R.A. or  DOI staff or any other authorised user.
  3. The use of the Airfield and the Extension is strictly for the purpose of flying model aircraft.
  4. A 10MPH Speed Limit is to be observed by all model flyers vehicles being driven on the airfield.

Please observe the procedures when entering and leaving the Airfield

Manx Model Flyers Rules :   The Main Airfield and the Runway Extension

The main Jurby runway can be used by Manx Model Flyers when no other users are on the field and when no other booking has been made, as shown on:-  A.R.A. Site & Conrod

The ‘extension runway’ may ONLY be used when the main airfield is in use.  Any Manx Model Flyer member using the extension when the main airfield is vacant is abusing a facility offered to Manx Model Flyers by kind permission of Keith Kerruish.  This valuable concession is free to the club;  it can be withdrawn immediately and permanently and could affect all members.  Failure to observe the foregoing will constituted a serious breach of Club Rules.

Procedures when ENTERING the Main Airfield

  • If the DOI lock is securing the left-hand pair of gates, go to the prison and draw the key.  You will be required to show ID,  membership and/or sign a register.
  • Unlock the DOI lock which secures the gate which share the same locking pillar and replace the DOT chain & lock so as to secure the gate.
  • Place the MMF combination lock round the gate and pillar ONLY and scramble the numbers.
  • Untie and secure the MMF “Aviation in Progress” notice.  Before going off to fly…. check again to see if you have left the gates correctly locked.
    The MMF combination must not be given to non-members.

Procedures when LEAVING the Airfield

  • Check and make sure that no one is left on the site!
  • Fold-up and tie the MMF “Aviation in Progress” notice.
  • Place the DOI chain through the gate and lock the padlock.
  • Remove the MMF combination lock and chain and re-lock it around the pillar nearest the airfield fence.  Do not thread the chain through any part of the gate,  just low down round the pillar.
  • Again, before leaving, STOP & CHECK that all gates are secure.  Our first failure to do this could be our last.
  • Return the key to the prison.