ASW 28

Use this tour of the Manx slopes, originally written by Chas Gardiner, to get a feel for the range of slope sites available on the Island.

There are slopes for any wind direction and the usual Manx preferences on use are that they should be able to get out of the car and launch the model – and why not?  Most slope soarers would love a list of every one else’s slopes.  Well here are a few to be going on with;

1) Windy Corner

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Access to the site can be made via the gate alongside the main road and down the unmade track. The slope looks down over Glen Roy towards Laxey Village where you can see the great Lady Isabella water wheel. This site is best in an East to North East wind with ample landing area and suitable for almost all wind stregths. The landing area immediately in front of you is inclined to be boggy. Soft for a dart-board landing though.

2) Injebreck 

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Pull off the B10 and walk down to the chosen launch point.  The landing areas are excellent. This site is suitable when the wind is from the South to South West depending which side of the head of the valley you fly.

3) Stone Bridge

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Further along the B10 from Injebreck are a number of points where the apparently shallow slope to the North belies the lift available. Either launch and fly from near the road in winds from a northerly direction. The lift is smooth and there is no problem landing actually on the slope, especially with air brakes. Another option is to amble back a short way up to the crest of the hill.