This is John Martin’s Corby Starlet This is what he has to say about it.

 The latest creation, a Corby Starlet, from a Tapsfield Plan. 7ft. Span, 12lbs at the weigh in, powered by an OS91 FX two stroke. It is just a shade bigger than third scale. Original was designed in Australia in the late sixties, then powered by a V.W. engine but now they use Jabaru, which are very good.


 Although we got to the field, it has yet to fly, managed a hydraulic lock and bent the con rod. Stuart Bainborough stripped it down for me, we lined the con rod up on a piece of glass, and sure enough there was the kink. So, with a few light delicate taps of a hammer by way of a piece of wood, we straightened it, re-assembled and it runs fine. If only the wind would go down…… 

Notice two different colours of yellow. The majority of the model is covered in Glosstex Cub Yellow. The cowl and undercarriage is sprayed in Flair Spectrum paint and wait for it – “Cub Yellow”” . Infuriating that there are two “Cub Yellows” , see my article on paints on the club’s internal website