This is John Martin’s Tipsey Nipper. This is what he has to say about it.

Full size version was designed by Monsieur Tip, a Belgian, usually powered by a V.W. engine, but now using Australian Jabirus . About 70 are flying.

Model is from a Pegasus Kit, took about 3 months to build, 80ins. span, covered in cream Glosstex and powered by an OS 60 FP weighing in at about nine pounds. The wings are unusual as they have 14 degrees of washout! I felt the thrust line on the plan is a bit out, as on its test flight, it took off trying to loop. 6 degrees of downthrust improved matters. The fuselage is very short, making the C of G position quite sensitive. It is correct on the plan. Radio is 1200 nicad, Futaba and F.M.A. servos.

Flies very well, with a realistic profile in the air. Does not like crosswind landings, other than this its great fun!!