The Manx Model Flyers Club Constitution

  • These Rules were approved at the 2003 AGM held on 11th November 2003 –
  • Amendment to Rule 22, Approved at the AGM held on 5th November 2008 –
  • Amendment to Rule 16, Approved at the AGM held on 10th November 2010 –
  1. The official name of the Club shall be ‘The Manx Model Flyers Club’.
  2. The Club shall consist of Honorary Members, Active Members, and Social Members, senior and junior.  A junior shall be a member whose eighteenth birthday falls after the due date of subscription renewal or after the date of joining the Club.
  3. The management of the Club shall rest with the Committee consisting of a Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and a minimum of four elected Members.
  4. The Committee shall meet at least four times annually.
  5. The Committee shall retire at the Annual General Meeting, being then eligible for re-election.
  6. The Committee shall have the authority to co-opt Members onto the Committee to deal with special items of business or to fill vacancies that may occur between election periods.
  7. An Annual General Meeting shall be held for elections and other business.
  8. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be requested by written notification to the Hon. Secretary of at least one quarter of the Members, or by the Committee.  The Hon Secretary shall arrange the meeting within 28 days of such a request.
  9. Notification of an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be given in writing to Members at least 21 days before the meeting.
  10. Proposals from Members for discussion at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be submitted to the Hon Secretary, in writing, not less than 14 days before such a meeting.
  11. The Hon Secretary shall circulate Members with an Agenda for an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting at least 5 days before the meeting.
  12. Members shall have the power to vote, in person, at all Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings.  A quorum shall consist of one fifth of the paid up Members.  Voting on all matters shall be by simple majority.  In all tied matters the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote.
  13. Any Member wishing to resign shall give written notice to the Hon Secretary and shall forfeit all Club subscriptions paid, less BMFA element (see Rule 20).
  14. The Committee shall have the right to expel any Member of the Club in the case of misconduct or intentional breach of Club rules by a unanimous decision.  An appeal may be lodged against such a decision of the Committee and put before an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.  Any expelled Member shall forfeit all Club subscriptions paid, less BMFA element (see Rule 20).
  15. No position of remuneration shall exist within the Club.
  16. The club’s money and assets shall be vested in the Hon. Treasurer, with the exception of the clubs shareholding in Jurby Sports and Leisure Ltd, which will be vested in the clubs representative at Jurby Sports and Leisure Ltd.
  17. The Club’s accounting year shall run from 1st October to 30th September.
  18. A statement of accounts shall be presented by the Hon Treasurer at each Annual General Meeting.
  19. The Club subscription shall be recommended by the Committee and approved by Members at the Annual General Meeting.
  20. The Club will be affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and members’ Club subscription will normally include an element to cover BMFA membership and insurance.  Members who have acquired BMFA membership and insurance via a different Club must provide evidence to the Hon Secretary or Hon Treasurer to benefit from a reduced Club subscription.
  21. The Club subscription year shall be from 1st January to 31st December.
  22. Club subscriptions shall be payable from the date of the Annual General Meeting until the last day of January of the following year.  Any Member who has not paid his/her subscription by the end of January shall be deemed to have left the Club.  Members who join the Club after 1st September shall pay 50% of the annual Club subscription.  Any reduction or rebate on BMFA membership and insurance shall be as directed by BMFA.
  23. For new members, there is a £10 joining fee.
  24. Members not paying subscriptions which include BMFA membership and insurance before the 1st January are not considered to be appropriately insured and shall not be permitted to fly on any Club sites.
  25. The Committee may hold simple personal data in connection with Club membership on computer.  A copy of such information shall be supplied on request to a member.
  26. The Club rules may only be altered at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting.
  27. Members must abide by any rules issued by the Club concerning flying activities as notified to them in writing.
  28. All internal combustion engines over 2 cc in capacity must be fitted with an effective silencer.  A Committee Member has the authority to prohibit operation of any engine on a Club site until the operator can show that it meets BMFA noise emission criteria.
  29. Any member who fails to check for a clash of frequency and as a result causes loss or damage to a model, shall be responsible for the costs of that damage.  The member shall be expected to reimburse the damaged party for cost of repair or replacement at the discretion of the owner.
  30. Any matter not specifically covered in these rules shall be decided upon by the Committee.